• Come check out our "Adopt-A-Kennel" program where our local individuals and businesses can show the community their support for our area's homeless animals. This month's (DECEMBER) Adopt-A-Kennel is by Paul and Laurie Harvey... "in honor of all of our furry family members, past and present." A very special thanks to all of our sponsors for their continuing support.

  • This week's WishList! HOMES! Homes for our temporarily homeless furry friends, we'd love them all to be adopted into their forever homes in time for Christmas! We are overwhelmed with the homeless, especially cats and kittens and they all deserve a home. We can always use the paper towels, hand sanitizer, clorox wipes, bleach, plain old Special Kitty cat litter, bath towels and cat/dog food and toys that you bring in! Thank you, and to all of you, all of us here at the McCook Humane Society just want you to know that it truly is appreciated more than you can know. YOU are appreciated more than you can know.

  • We have a lot of fun going on in December. For each adoption in the month of December, please take an ornament or a wrapped gift from under the tree to show our appreciation. We have our "Ugly Sweater" giveaway. We don't want any furkid to be cold, we have some sweaters set aside for anyone who needs one for their furchild. Keep an eye on our FB Page, and here for more Christmas Cheer from the McCook Humane Society!

  • If you're looking for a gift for your furkid, or your pet loving friend, stop by the shelter. We have the "Dogs and Cats of McCook" Calendars at the shelter if you'd like to get yours before they run out! We've also got the playing cards along with other awesome pet related items like signs, costumes, sweaters, jewelry items, figurines, and much more that would make great gift items for the fast approaching holidays!

  • The spay/neuter reimbursement fees are still being waived for the felines (until the Linda Hedges Memorial fund is depleted). Nothing would make us happier, than to see each and every one of our temporarily homeless furkids find their forever homes!

  • Don't forget to "Like" us on Facebook to keep up to date on all of the upcoming fun events and fundraisers and when checking out our website, make sure you check out our section featuring our Up To The Minute Pet Listings!

  • Did ya know... Separation anxiety in dogs is one of the common issues the dog owners have to come across and one of the many reasons they are surrendered to shelters. Whether bringing a new dog home or you already have one, it is important for you to know about the separation anxiety. There can be different reasons for different dogs to develop the issue. But the good news is that you can help your dog to get rid of it. As you can understand that treating the minor separation anxiety is easier as compared to the moderate or severe anxiety. Here are some simple and helpful suggestions to treat the minor anxiety: A Long and Brisk Walk: Taking your dog out for a long and brisk walk before you leave can be a good start. The walk will exhaust your dog, causing him to settle down easily and will reduce the anxiety. Also, by taking him to new or different places each time, he will experience and encounter new things and faces.

  • Leave Your Scent With The Dog: While leaving for work, you can leave something of yours with your dog that has your scent. Your blanket, towel, shirt, pant or anything similar... this will offer him the comfort he seeks and will keep him calm.
  • Do not Make Leaving/Arriving Exciting: When leaving the house or coming back, don't make it a big deal. Don't greet your dog with excitement whether you are leaving the house or coming back. It's highly suggested that you should not greet your dog immediately on your return. Wait for a while and then greet him. Admittedly, this is hard to do! Most importantly,
  • Keep Him Busy All Day: You have to make sure that your dog stays occupied while you are not around. You can bring toys and chews that can keep your dog busy. It will keep him entertained and he will be exhausted, which is good for your dog. A busy, tired dog, will be happy until you come home.

  • HAPPY TAILS! The following pets have been TomCat T Hall!

Make Your House A Home - Adopt a Shelter Dog or Cat!!

This month's (DECEMBER) Adopt-A-Kennel is by Paul and Laurie Harvey... "in honor of all of our furry family members, past and present." A very special thanks to all of our sponsors for their continuing support.

2pm - 5pm
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