• Come check out our "Adopt-A-Kennel" program where our local individuals and businesses can show the community their support for our area's homeless animals. This month's (AUGUST) Adopt-A-Kennel Sponsorship is by JoAnn Smolczyk & Dee Friehe of The McCook Welcome Center in Memory of Linda Hedges. Loved by all who knew her. She loved all she met, and had such a love for animals. A very special thanks to all of our sponsors for their continuing support.

  • UPDATE in regards to COVID-19
  • We have returned to normal business activities and regular business activities, we truly appreciate your considerate patience during this unusual time, and thank you for your continuing support. We ask that you do not come into the facility if you have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive with COVID-19, if you have traveled to a known high risk area within the last 14 days, if you are at high risk, or if you are showing any symptoms of the virus. We wish everyone a happy, enjoyable and safe experience while visiting our facility.

  • This week's wishlist: Homes for Cats and Kittens! We are still on feline overload! We can always use the paper towels, hand sanitizer, clorox wipes, bleach, plain old Special Kitty cat litter, bath towels and cat/dog food and toys that you bring in! Thank you to those of you who bring us the items on this wishlist when you can. We may not be able to properly thank all of you as quickly as we'd like to and as big as we'd like to. Some of you are pretty firm about no thanks necessary! To all of you, all of us here at the McCook Humane Society just want you to know that it truly is appreciated more than you can know. YOU are appreciated more than you can know.

  • We're looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! "Puppy 'Pet'icure Day" is Saturday, August 8th from 1pm until 3pm at the shelter! We can't wait to see all of our friends (furry and non-furry)! Our Professional Nail Trimmers will be Amy Strauch of Four Winds Animal Clinic and Ariel Neel of Pet Pros, with lots of help from our wonderful volunteers and staff. Nail Trims are $5 (plus tax) and all proceeds benefit the McCook Humane Society. As per state and city ordinances... Please make sure that your Fur-Kid is up to date on his/her Rabies vaccination and they have their tag (or you have other proof), and that your pet is on a leash (please no retractable leashes).

  • Our Super Fundraising Friends and Youth Power Group, the McCook CatPack is going strong with the newest edition of "The Cats and Dogs of McCook Calendar" Photo Contest! Each year the McCook Cat Pack volunteers design and create a 12 month calendar featuring adopted or rescued cats and dogs. All photos submitted within the contest rules are a part of next year's calendar. Votes can be entered now through the contest deadline ending September 6th, 2020, 7:00pm CST. For more information, or to enter your furkid, contact this amazing group at: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Facebook page: facebook.com/mccookcatpack. The contest has just started and right now there are 15 photos entered, and $330 total donations raised so far! What a start! This group never ceases to amaze us!

  • We've got another awesome and amazing group supporting and raising awareness, donations and much needed supplies for the McCook Humane Society, The McCook E-Free Junior High Youth Group is out, about and asking folks to "Be Paw-some and Help our Animal Shelter". All supplies can be taken to the McCook E-Free Church at 602 East 14th Street until August 31st. They've come in and helped out at the shelter and you couldn't ask for a nicer group!

  • Did Ya Know: Now that the "dog days" of summer is seriously upon us, walking with your dog requires a few extra precautions to keep them safe and healthy. Practically every pet parent knows the rule about not leaving your pet in a vehicle, but not as many know the damage that hot asphalt, pavement or even sand, can wreak on a dog's paws. The air temperature doesn't even have to be excessively hot to burn a dog's skin. The air temperature only has to be 77F for the asphalt to be 125F, and at 125 degrees, skin destruction can occur in just 60 seconds! Hot pavement can cause painful blisters, welts or severe burns on a dog's feet and lead to health complications like infections. That's where the five-second rule comes in. Place the back of your hand on the pavement (or whatever surface you are intended to walk your pet on). If you cannot hold it for five seconds, it's too hot to walk your furkid on that surface. Try walking him or her somewhere else and on a cooler surface like grass.

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  • HAPPY TAILS! The following pets have been adopted: Sassy, Biscuit, Chance, Jinx, Coda, GusGus, Savannah, Skeeter and Tango!

Make Your House A Home - Adopt a Shelter Dog or Cat!!

This month's Featured "Adopt-A-Kennel" Sponsorship is by The McCook Welcome Center in Memory of Linda Hedges. Loved by all who knew her. She loved all she met, and had such a love for animals.

2pm - 5pm
Noon - 4pm

100 South Street
McCook, NE 69001


Pet of the Week

Feline, Furry Friends!

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