• Come check out our "Adopt-A-Kennel" program where our local individuals and businesses can show the community their support for our area's homeless animals. This month's (MAY) Adopt-A-Kennel Sponsorship is by Robert Stinson, in Loving Memory of Paula Stinson. A very special thanks to all of our sponsors for their continuing support.

  • This week's Wishlist: Does anyone have any 4ply acrylic yarn that they aren't using? We want to supply our friend who makes the cat mats for us with some. They are awesome! Each cat gets one while they're in our care, and they take their little "piece of home" with them to help them acclimate to their new forever home. We're currently out of cat mats, we've been having such a run on the feline furkids. Meanwhile... We can always use the paper towels, hand sanitizer, clorox wipes, bleach, plain old Special Kitty cat litter, bath towels and cat/dog food and toys that you bring in! We truly do appreciate those of you who bring us the items on this wishlist when you can. YOU are appreciated more than you can know.

  • We're looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow, Saturday, May 8th, at our “Puppy 'Pet'icure Day”! Our Professional Trimmers will be Amy Strauch of Four Winds Animal Clinic and Kamryn Hoegerl! Bring your furry friend in and get his or her nails trimmed! We'll be having a Pawsitively good time trimming nails from 1pm until 3pm! Nail Trims are $5 (plus tax) and all proceeds benefit the McCook Humane Society. As per state and city ordinances, You must have proof that your Fur-Kid is up to date on his/her Rabies vaccination and they have their tag (or you have other proof), and that your pet is on a leash (please no retractable leashes).

  • The spay & neuter reimbursement fees are still being waived on the altered feline friends at this time. As long as there is money in that fund, the spay & neuter reimbursement fees will be waived!

  • Don't forget to "Like" us on Facebook to keep up to date on all of the upcoming fun events and fundraisers and when checking out our website, make sure you check out our section featuring our Up To The Minute Pet Listings!

  • Did ya know... Finding young kittens is a difficult thing, it's heartwrenching. What do you do? If you find young kittens, even though you have the best of intentions, it's better to leave them be. You shouldn't touch or move them. Moms will most often leave them for long periods of time while searching for food or a new location (always trying to keep her young ones safe), or she may even be frightened by your presence. Keeping the kittens with their mother gives them their best chance for survival. Stay back, stay at least 35 ft away and watch (as long as the kittens are not in immediate danger). Mom may not return if she senses your presence. Just remember that mama cat is the best mother for her young and only in an extreme emergency situation and you are sure that the mother has not been around for over 24 hours should you attempt to rescue. If the kittens have a full belly, they are being fed. You won't always see the mama cat, she doesn't want you to know where her babies are, they can be good at hiding them (or think they are). Best case scenario is when they are old enough to be safely taken from the mama cat, if they can be handled (young kittens, stray or feral, are most often easier to handle than the adults), get them into the shelter.

  • HAPPY TAILS! The following pets have been adopted: Bobby and Ryder!

Make Your House A Home - Adopt a Shelter Dog or Cat!!

This month's (MAY) Adopt-A-Kennel Sponsorship is by Robert Stinson, in Loving Memory of Paula Stinson. A very special thanks to all of our sponsors for their continuing support.

2pm - 5pm
Noon - 4pm

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Pet of the Week

Cats, Cats, Cats!

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