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  • Come check out our "Adopt-A-Kennel" program where our local individuals and businesses can show the community their support for our area's homeless animals. This month's (SEPTEMBER) Adopt-A-Kennel is by Prairie Plains CASA... working for abused and neglected children, and your furkids too! A very special thanks to all of our sponsors for their continuing support.

  • This week's WishList! We can always use the paper towels, hand sanitizer, clorox wipes, bleach, plain old Special Kitty cat litter, bath towels and cat/dog food and toys that you bring in! Thank you to those of you who bring us the items on this wishlist when you can. We may not be able to properly thank all of you as quickly as we'd like to and as big as we'd like to. Some of you are pretty firm about no thanks necessary! To all of you, all of us here at the McCook Humane Society just want you to know that it truly is appreciated more than you can know. YOU are appreciated more than you can know.

  • Thank you to everyone who came out this past Saturday, September 11th to our “Nail Day”! Because of you it was another wonderful day and big success. Next month's event will once again be special because it's "Dog Days"! This will be another outdoor event, our annual "Dog Day" event which we will offer Nail Trims, a Microchip Clinic, and have various vendors on hand. Stay tuned for this fun event coming up Saturday, October 9th! If you're a vendor that would like to participate, or volunteer that would like to help out, please give us a call.

  • Week #4 of the Clear the Shelters Event! We thank you for your support, and hope you continue to support your shelter during the final week of this event! Matching funds will be available to DOUBLE your donation's impact. Show your support today!

  • Spay/Neuter Reimbursement Fees Waived for dogs also! This has been made possible due to a very generous donation by Grant Strunk! During the "Clear the Shelters" Event (which ends on Sept. 19th), the spay/neuter reimbursement fees are being waived for our dogs! Thank you Grant for your generosity and helping us in our mission to "Clear the Shelter"! The spay/neuter reimbursement fees are still being waived for the felines as well (until the Linda Hedges Memorial fund is depleted).

  • Last week folks! The McCook CatPack is finishing up strong with the 9th edition of "The Cats and Dogs of McCook Calendar" Photo Contest! Each year the McCook Cat Pack volunteers design and create a 12 month calendar featuring adopted or rescued cats and dogs. All photos submitted within the contest rules are a part of next year's calendar. Votes can be entered now through the contest deadline ending September 19th, 2021, 7:00pm CST. For more information, or to enter your furkid, contact this amazing group at: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Facebook page:

  • Don't forget to "Like" us on Facebook to keep up to date on all of the upcoming fun events and fundraisers and when checking out our website, make sure you check out our section featuring our Up To The Minute Pet Listings!

  • Did you know... How often you should bathe your pet is another one of the most often asked questions we get at the shelter during the adoption process. How often should you bathe your pet? That all depends on your pet. Factors include: his hair coat, hair length, how often he gets dirty, where he lives (if he is indoor or outdoors most of the time), shedding cycle, and any underlying skin problem. Some dogs need baths only a couple times a year while others need weekly grooming. It is beneficial to brush your dog about twice a week. Bathing your dog every month or two isn’t unreasonable, but some dogs will need more frequent cleanings. A good rule of thumb is to bathe your pet only when his coat gets dirty or begins to smell “doggy.”

  • HAPPY TAILS! The following pets have been adopted: Lottie, Stan, Ollie, Whispurr, Rose & Cat Benatar!

Volunteer of the Month - July 2021

Congratulations to Alice and Michele Weimer for being The McCook Humane Society's "Volunteer of the Month" for July 2021!

Employee of the Month - August 2021

Congratulations to Kamryn Hoegerl for being awarded the McCook Humane Society's "Employee of the Month" for August of 2021!


McCook Humane Society's Summer Break for the Paws Pool Tournament

Summer Break for the Paws Pool Tournament

Saturday, June 12th, 2021

This event can only be described as Small, Fun and FABULOUS! We knew going in for our first ever summer tourney that we were competing with a lot of events, and let's face it, summer itself! We had 16 entrants for 8 teams of 9Ball. It may have been a shorter day, but definitely not shorter on fun. We all had our share of it! Thanks to our Sponsors once again who came through and provided the awesome place prizes and raffles. Thanks to the folks who played, and who came out and watched. Thanks to the folks at TJ's who once again let us play in their Fun Center! A Special Thanks to the folks who helped put the tournament on and helped out at the tournament! The McCook Humane Society Board Members (Andrea O'Dea, Levina Fritsche and Joyce Anderson). Chad Elson for the help with the Auction and doing an awesome job once again! Jay & Lorie Prestes for the help at the tournament. Ernie Denbo and Gina Kendall for your help. Because of all of you and everyone who helped out, we were able to bring in $1025! Wow!
And our winners of the "Summer Break for the Paws" Pool Tournament are:

1st Place: Ernie Denbo and Glenn Morgan winning prizes donated by Cobblestone Inn & Suites, Walmart SuperCenter of McCook and Lopez Service & Repair.

1st Ernie Denbo and Glenn Morgan

2nd Place: Eric Smith and Tom Fischer winning prizes donated by MNB Bank, McCook Welcome Center and American Family Insurance - David Cain Agency, Inc.

2nd Smitty and Tom Fischer
3rd Place: Gary Skeen and Gina Kendall winning prizes donated by First Central Bank and Old Sarge's Bar.

3rd Gary Skeen and Gina Kendall

4th Place: Chris Smith and Bill Moore winning prizes that were donated anonymously.

4th Chris Smith and Bill Moore

The gorgeous plaques were donated by McCook Lettering.

Special Mention goes out to Bill Moore for winning the first ever 9Ball on the Snap patch at one of our tournaments. He actually won two more before it was over! Tom Fischer, Smitty and Glenn Morgan also got one of the brand new patches. Congrats!

Other Sponsors that we want to say a huge thanks to and who made this event a success are: Hometown Family Radio, KICX 96.1 FM and the McCook Daily Gazette for the awesome coverage and promotion as always. White Whiskers Drag Team and thank you to the anonymous donor of the Vintage Golf Club Set for the big raffle items. Farrel's Pharmacy & Hallmark, VK Electronics, Tractor Supply Company, Acme Printing Co, The Sports Shoppe and NStant Convenience for your donations. Thank you all. Another shout out to Scoreholio for that tournament software and the amazing upgrades that are happening with it.

Again, from all of us at the McCook Humane Society (yep, furry and non-furry alike) thanks to all who helped make this a FUN, AWESOME, and SUCCESSFUL fundraiser!

McCook Humane Society 15th Annual Shoot for the Shelter Pool Tournament

Fifteenth Annual Shoot for the Shelter Pool Tournament

Saturday, January 30, 2021

In these times of not knowing which event we can plan for, what we'll be able to attend, and just plain NOT knowing... This event was something awesome to attend. We Watched everyone come together and have such a wonderful time, knowing that they were there to yes, have fun, but what we heard over and over how it was “all for the furkids”. The Fifteenth Annual Shoot for the Shelter Pool Tournament was an absolute and amazing success! It was awesome because of the total support of this amazing community. It was because of the people who donated the amazing prizes, the folks who hosted the event, the ones who really seem to enjoy playing in this fun event every year, those who come out every year just to support and the ones who help make it happen. With 80 entrants (40 teams) competing, we raised $4,120.35 for the shelter that day! We really had no idea what to expect, and we tried out some new ways of doing things. We truly have to send a huge shout out to Scoreholio for the assist! The amazing software that we ran the tourney with? Yep, that was designed by them. They even upgraded us to the Pro version for free so we could run this tournament! This event could not and would not have happened without a LOT of folks helping out and donating time, services or items. A huge thank you goes out to them all! TJ's is going to donate a portion of their income for the day, and we still have to pay for the Tshirts, but all we can say is WOW! And Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. To each and every one of you.

TJ's Family Fun Center did a wonderful job of hosting it once again. We sure appreciate their hospitality and friendliness! They provided their awesome food from the menu, and will be donating a portion back to us! Chad Elson was our Guest Auctioneer and he once again did a fantastic job! Thank you Kind Sir!

A special thank you goes out to the McCook Humane Society Board members who did such an awesome job of selling those raffle tickets, handing out prizes and just helping out wherever needed!! Andrea O'Dea, Levina Fritsche, Chris Smith, Darrin Glading and Joyce Peterson! They were busy! $1,201 just in Raffle ticket sales! Coyote Country, KICX 96.1FM, and the McCook Daily Gazette did an awesome job as always with advertising this FUNdraiser! Thank you all so much! A special thanks goes out to Jay Prestes and Ernie Denbo for all of their help in putting this together. Thanks to Teresa Sonnenberg and everyone who helped with the setup. Lorie Prestes (with a whole lot of help) ran the tournament.

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who shot some excellent pool. We want to thank all of you AWESOME folks for supporting the shelter and playing in this annual event!

First Place Winners were Chad Flaig and Alan Ralls! Prize was donated by: Double Barrel Transport and Lopez Service and Repair! (valued at $250 each)
1st Chad Flaig and Alan Ralls result

Second Place Winners were Bill Ebert and Frank Seybold! Prizes donated by Rick & Dianne Shafer ($100 gift card each), Western Nebraska APA Pool League ($50 Taste of Texas gift card each) and Old Sarges (($25 gift card each)!
2nd Bill Ebert and Frank Seybold result

Third Place Winners were Scot Coon and Tom Fischer! Prizes donated by MNB Bank ($50 Visa Card each), McCook's WalMart SuperCenter ($50 card each) and Godfather's Pizza of McCook (Large Pizza with side each)!
3rd Scot Coon and Tom Fischer result

Fourth Place Winners were Monica Macfee and Aaron Eaton!
4th Monica Macfee and Aaron Eaton result

Prizes were donated by Western Nebraska APA Pool League ($50 Citta' Deli gift card each), Lord's Hardware of Indianola ($25 gift certificate each) and four 6 inch sandwiches from Subway of McCook!Subway of McCook also provided two 6 inch sandwiches for the “First Out” team!First through Fourth Place Plaques were donated by McCook Lettering and the awesome t-shirts printed by McCook Lettering! Alan Ralls won the McCook Humane Society cap (printed by The Sports Shoppe) for having traveled the farthest to play in this tournament! Shameless promo: We now have some of these wonderful caps for sale at the shelter if you are interested! Scoreholio provided that amazing software that we ran the tournament with! Miller & Associates printed the brackets! Special thanks to Ben Springer for helping us with “Getting Ready to Roooooooomba”!

A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU goes out to these supporters who donated items that were raffled off:

  • The White Whiskers Drag Team
  • AKRS Equipment
  • Titan Machinery
  • Farrell's Pharmacy & Hallmark
  • The Bottle Shop/Spirit Shop
  • The Sports Shoppe
  • American Electric
  • Monica Conroy
  • Orscheln Farm & Home
  • O'Reilly Auto Parts
  • Sherri Stang
  • Keystone Floral
  • Game On
  • New Life Christian Store
  • McCook Cat Pack
  • Knowlen & Yates
  • Mead Lumber Company
  • Sehnert's Bieroc Cafe
  • Acme Printing Company
  • Tractor Supply Company
  • Karen Smith
  • Carquest

Again, from all of us at the McCook Humane Society (yep, furry and non-furry alike) thanks to all who helped make this a FUN, AWESOME, and SUCCESSFUL fundraiser!

Community Support

We cannot function, we cannot do what we do and continue to help find homes for all of the temporarily homeless furry friends that show up every single day for whatever reason... either life changes, lost or just pure misfortune of being abandoned.  It's no fault of theirs, and it's our mission to find each and every one of them a forever home. We are able to continue to do it through the kindness of you, our friends and community.  And through your support of events like : "Aces for Animals" a frisbee golf tournament, A 3 Day Rummage Sale hosted by two "Shelter Loving" ladies, The Annual "Shoot for the Shelter" Pool Tournament, The Annual "Dog Day in the Park" Responsible Pet Ownership Carnival and Event, Our monthy "Puppy 'Pet'icure Day, our bimonthly visits to Orscheln's Farm and Home and to Tractor Supply Company.  To everyone who donates money to us!!!!  To all of you that make us able to do what we do...   You're awesome and VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!

Pet Night

"PET NIGHT"s will always be remembered with Mr. and Mrs. Claus hosted by Dennis and Cathy Shannon.

Furry Friends' Fashions

We've got shirts, sweaters, jackets, collars and leashes for our furry friends. We've got a beautiful selection of handmade bandanas here for sale. Anything from John Deere or Cammo all the way to Biker and yes, even pink!

Gift Certificates

The McCook Humane Society offers gift certificates good for a free dog or cat, puppy or kitten. What a wonderful way to show your loved one that you love them, by giving them the gift of unconditional love! We also offer a wide assortment of sweaters for that special new addition!

Make Your House A Home - Adopt a Shelter Dog or Cat!!

This month's (SEPTEMBER) Adopt-A-Kennel is by Prairie Plains CASA... working for abused and neglected children, and your furkids too! A very special thanks to all of our sponsors for their continuing support.

2pm - 5pm
Noon - 4pm

100 South Street
McCook, NE 69001


Pet of the Week

Cats, Cats, Cats!

Video courtesy of Coyote Country KIOD-FM