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Micah Bell

Another one of the gang is ready to steal your heart! "MICAH BELL" is part of a litter of seven Border Collie, Lab and Australian Shepherd mixes that were born back in March and hadn't had any social interaction except with the family, who has quite a few dogs and need to downsize. Micah, a black and brindle sweetheart, just like the rest of the gang, loves attention and learns anything we've taught him extremely quickly!

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Micah Bell1


Singing the song of his people... "DAG" came in to the shelter as a stray, and this beautiful black and white young adult Siberian Husky wasn't claimed. He is all Husky, tries to use his words, and will keep you amused with his antics. This sweet boy will be best suited in a home without other dogs, and with folks who know the joys, trying moments and needs of this wonderful breed.

Dag the Husky


"MAX" is a very handsome white and black Border Collie mix who is looking for a new forever home because after his human was deployed he moved in with the grandfolks. They've since had to move into a place that doesn't allow pets and now Max, although sometimes shy at first, gets along absolutely great with anyone, is looking for a new home. This boy is smart, loving and fun to be around.



Looking for a happy girl? "ELLA" is who you want to meet. This young adult brown and white Staffordshire Terrier is so happy that she'll put a smile on your face within minutes. She's smart, friendly and just about anything you're looking for in a furry friend. She came in as a stray that wasn't claimed, and is now available for you to enjoy her company.



Eyes that make you fall in love... "ROYCE" is an adorable little medium wire haired Jack Russell Terrier mix who was brought in with a group of dogs because his previous owners have too many dogs. He has that sad puppy dog look down pat and boy does it work on us! He comes from a home with a lot of kids, dogs and activity. This friendly, smart and energetic young boy will make you fall in love when you meet him.

Royce best


"ROWDY" is a gorgeous young brindle colored Keeshond and Husky mix who is needing to find a new home because his previous owner's health just kept it from being a good match. Rowdy's a young, active and growing boy and would be best suited in a home that's wanting a more active dog, as he was born last Thanksgiving. He gets along with everyone and is very smart.



Video courtesy of Coyote Country KIOD-FM

"BOWSER" is a super handsome seven-year-old red Heeler mix whose owner didn't have time for him or his buddy anymore. This guy is as much a gentleman as he is handsome and would make anyone an awesome family addition.



Gorgeous and talkative... "KEELI" is a gorgeous white and black adult Husky who is need of an active home with folks who have time to spend with her. She needs a home with folks who know the needs of the breed.



"BROOKE" is a young adult red Heeler that had been sighted wandering for quite some time. She was finally caught and brought into us to find a forever home. She quickly become quite the friendly gal and is extremely intelligent.



Adorable little guy... "HOPPER" is a Chihuahua and Bull Terrier mix who was brought to us because his previous owner has too many dogs. This one year old is a very smart and energetic young boy and will make you laugh when you hang out with him.

Hopper 2 result


"SAMSON" is a very handsome and slightly more mature large German Shepherd who originally came to us with a large group of dogs from folks that had too many. He's very calm, intelligent and sweet, gets along with any human he meets and is just a joy to be around. He was brought back years later because of life changes, and even though we've missed this big guy, we want him to find his new home quickly. We've come to learn that he does not do well with cats and would be best in a home where he is the only dog.



Needing a sweet pal? "SHELLY", a four year old black and tan German Shepherd mix, is needing a new home because her previous owner couldn't keep her. This very good natured and playful girl gets along with everyone and would be best suited in a home that has room for her to stretch her legs, with folks who have time to spend with her.

Shelly result


Needing a friend to talk to?  "NINA" is a young black and white Alaskan Klee Kai who was surrendered to us because her previous owner could no longer afford to keep her or her sister, Zina. Nina is gorgeous, active, talkative and needs to be in a home with folks who know the needs of this mix of breeds.


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This month's (AUGUST) Adopt-A-Kennel is from a very sweet young man named Asher Stamm. Asher saved his money, and decided that he wanted to adopt Petra's kennel to help her get adopted. It worked. Petra was adopted that very week. So this month's Adopt-A-Kennel Sponsor is Asher Stamm, because of his very special love of all animals. A very special thanks to all of our sponsors for their continuing support.

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