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Thank you for choosing to adopt a pet. If you are interested in adopting a puppy or dog listed on this website please contact us or visit our shelter to meet the pets "in person."

There is a nice selection of dogs and puppies for adoption. Stop in the shelter and take a look at them and perhaps take one home with you.

If the pet you are looking for has already found a family, please consider one of the other wonderful pets who needs you.

In a perfect world, every dog would have a home
and every home would have a dog.

Website photos and pets' availability are updated weekly.  "Adopt a Pet" on KICX radio, 96.1 FM, airs each day between 7:30 and 8 am with the latest information on our adoptable pets or give us a call at the Shelter.



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Clarey is a very sweet young German Shepherd and best guess Lab mix who comes to us as a stray who wasn't claimed. She is extremely smart and would make someone a wonderful family addition, as she gets along with all of us. We don't know anything about her past, just that we all love her.



Allie is a beautiful white Dalmatian and Lab mix who's right around three years old. She comes to us because her previous owner is moving and can't take her with him. She's a smart girl, seems to get along with all of us and came from a home with other dogs. She just been weaned from a litter of pups, so she's just getting over that and getting back into shape, and doing very well.


Ahna the Boxer mix

"AHNA" is a beautiful and energetic, fawn and white, three year old Boxer and American Bulldog mix who comes to us because her previous owner does not have the time to spend with her and feels that it is unfair to her. She needs to be with folks who have time to dote on her like she deserves. This girl is as fun to be around as she looks to be in her picture. Come on down and meet her and you'll fall in love with her too!



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Stella is a young adult black Boxer mix with white markings, who showed up as a stray at a very nice family's house. They tried for a few weeks to find her owner but couldn't, and would have kept her themselves but they had way too many pets already. Which is probably a good test for Stella, because now we know that she gets along not only people of all ages, but also with other dogs, with cats, and with snakes, lizards and turtles! She's a very smart and happy girl that'd make someone an awesome family addition.


Booker the Lab Staffy mix

Booker the Lab Staffy mix2

This handsome guy is ready to go home with you! "BOOKER" is a truly gorgeous red Lab and Staffordshire Terrier mix who's right at a year old. He comes to us because he showed up as a stray at a rural home and the folks already have too many animals, especially dogs. They kept him while trying to find his owner, long enough to fall in love with him. They say he gets along great with everyone, loves kids and got along great with all of their dogs. This is a big guy, and young so he'll need to burn a lot of energy. He'd be a wonderful addition to an active family with room for him to burn that energy.


Dixie the Staffy Heeler mix

Dixie the Staffy Heeler mix2

"DIXIE" is a very pretty tri-colored young adult Lab, Heeler and possibly Aussie mix who came in as a stray but wasn't claimed. This high energy but very sweet girl will need to find a home with a very active family and someone who will keep her busy or give her a job. She's very smart, easily trained and willing to learn. We really don't know much about her past, because she did come in as a stray.

Jessie and James

Jessie the Keeshond Am Bulldog mix

"JESSIE and JAMES"  are two young Keeshond and American Bulldog mixes who come to us because their previous owner couldn't keep all of the pets. They were born on February 14th, so they're right over six months old and both are brindle with a bit of white markings. Jessie is the female, and James the male.


Jesse the Beagle Aussie mix

Jesse comes to us because her previous owner didn't have enough time to spend with her and she's a young social girl. This tri-color best guess Beagle and Aussie mix is such a sweet little girl, she gets along with any human she meets, especially kids, all dogs and even likes those of the feline persuasion! This is a special little lady looking for a home with folks who have time to spend with her.

Beetle and Mantis

Beetle the BC Terrier mix pup 2

Mantis the BC Terrier mix pup

Beetle and Mantis are two out of a litter of three pups that were brought to us when the owner passed away. They were born on April 4th and the mother is a small Border Collie while the father was a Terrier. They are just as cute as they can be, and are ready for their forever homes. Beetle is the black and white male, he sure favors his mom, the Border Collie side, while Mantis is the white wire haired male who more favors his dad, the Terrier side. 

Beetle is the black and white one and Mantis is the white one

Aren't they ADORABLE??????


Merle the Catahoula Aussie mix

Talk about gorgeous!!! "MERLE" truly is. This young adult Catahoula and Aussie mix who comes to us as a stray that was unbelievably not claimed by his owner. This guy is super smart, he's friendly and he really is just a fun dog to be around. We have no past information as he was a stray, he's just an active guy looking for a new home. He'd make any active person or family a wonderful family addition.


Curly the Retriever mix

Curly the Retriever mix2

"CURLY" came in as a stray who's owner didn't claim. She's a black Retriever and Lab mix who is so friendly, smart, sweet and playful, she'll win you over quicker than you can imagine. She's a young adult, and gets along with absolutely anyone she meets. She came in with another dog, so we're absolutely sure she gets along with other dogs as well.


Bear the Lab Vizsla mix

Bear the Lab Vizsla mix2

"BEAR" and another dog came in as a stray who's owner didn't claim them. He's a red Lab and Vizsla mix with white markings. He's very friendly, smart and just like his pal, seems to get along with absolutely anyone he meets. He's best guess around two, and would be best suited with an active family who has time to spend with him.

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