July 8, 2020 UPDATE in regards to COVID-19

We have returned to normal business activities and regular business hours. We truly appreciate your considerate patience during this unusual time, and thank you for your continuing support. We ask that you do not come into the facility if you have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive with COVID-19, if you have traveled to a known high risk area within the last 14 days, or if you are showing any symptoms of the virus.



Purr Motors are intact and ready to start! "CHEVIE" came in with her partner Ford, and is a beautiful, sweet and playful black short haired cat. She is just a month older than he is, her being born in June. Ford got the head start though and has found a home, leaving her behind. We'll just contribute to the spoilage until she finds her own forever home!

Chevie the dsh


"KELLY" was a stray that was brought in with another cute little guy that we named Park. She's a short haired black and white sweet heart that's just as playfule as you'd want her to be, and very used to being loved on. They were born around the beginning of September and are now very used to being around people and love the attention. She gets along with anyone she meets and would be an ideal addition to any home.

Kelly the dsh


"TULIP" is a sweet dilute tortie shorthaired young female cat who came in with a litter of kittens back in November of last year when she was only five weeks old. She's got a very friendly, playful and unique personality. She's one of the youngsters that we love to be with and really love to watch her play.

Tulip the dilute tortie dsh2


"NIRVANA" is a two year old short haired dilute tortie who comes to us because her owner passed away and the family couldn't keep her. She's not really comfortable around smaller kids yet, she was a therapy cat to her human who lived alone. She'd love that again, to be someone's companion.

Nirvana the dilute tortie

Nirvana the dilute tortie2

Nirvana the dilute tortie3


Waiting for a home since early March... "MARBLE" was brought in when she was very young, so we've grown very fond of her. She's an absolutely beautiful black and white short haired young gal who'd love to be your feline friend! She's also a playful ball of purring joy!

Marble the dsh


"BAGHEERA" is an adult black short haired cat who came to us as a stray with his pal Mowgli. Neither were claimed and will be available for adoption Wednesday, June 17th. Bagheera is a sweet guy, very friendly and gets along with any human he meets. He gets along with other cats, we know because he came in with a male, a female and a kitten.

Bagheera the dsh


With June being Adopt A Shelter Cat Month, here's another handsome guy... "MOWGLI" is an adult gray tabby cat who came to us as a stray with his pal Bagheera. This short haired cat wasn't claimed either and will be available for adoption Wednesday, June 17th. He's also a very sweet guy, friendly and gets along with anyone. Dogs we don't know about, cats we know because he came in with other cats.




"MAX" is an adorable young soft gray tabby who came to us in February when he was only eight weeks old. He's a shorter haired kitten and very used to all of the attention that he gets from us. He comes to us because his previous owners had too many cats and kittens and needed to find homes for some of them. This guy has got quite the personality, and is a normal playful purring lapful of fun!

Max the gray tabby

Max the gray tabby2

Max the gray tabby3

Purrlock Holmes, Conway Twitty and Cleocatra

"PURRLOCK HOLMES" and company... Three of the cutest little gray tabby kittens that were born on April 15th were brought to us because the folks already had too man cats and kittens and couldn't keep these also. The mama cat showed up as a stray at their home and gave birth to these little darlings. We ended up with three of them. All gray tabbies with white markings, all shorthaired kittens, all spoiled and friendly. Purrlock Holmes and Conway Twitty are the males and Cleocatra is the female.

Purrlock Holmes the gray tabby kitten

Purrlock Holmes

Conway Kitty the gray tabby kitten

Conway Twitty

Cleocatra the gray tabby kitten



With June being Adopt A Shelter Cat Month, here's another purrrrrfect feline friend... "CARROWAY" is one of a litter of five sweet and spicy little kittens who came in because the folks just had too many kittens and couldn't keep them all. They are nine weeks old, very sweet and social. She's black with white markings and would make any family a wonderful addition.

Caroway the dsh


Kate is a black female and she's here looking to rustle up a new home! She is purrfect for any cowboy or cowgirl looking for a new feline companion as she gets along with everyone!

Kate the kitty


"ASH" is a remarkably beautiful adult dilute tortoiseshell medium haired cat who came to us because the folks she decided to move in with couldn't keep her. She showed up as a stray at their house, and they can't have cats. This girl loves attention, and especially ear scratches. She'd make some lucky family a wonderful addition.

Ash the dmh

Ash the dmh2

Ash the dmh3


"POPPY" is one of another litter of adorable kittens who come to us because the folks just have too many cats and kittens. Poppy is a short haired black male, born on April 9th. This whole litter is very used to attention and would be a great addition for any home.

Poppy the black kitty

Poppy the black kitty2


"WASABE" came in with Poppy, and is part of the litter of four black short haired kittens that were born on April 9th. He's also a black male, also very used to a lot of attention, very playful and just a lot of fun to be around. He'd make a wonderful feline friend.

Wasabe the dsh

Wasabe the dsh2


Talk about a truly handsome guy! "BRUTUS" is a short haired black young adult cat who is very friendly, and quite the character. He was born with no tail, Manx mix, which just adds to his charming personality. This guy is playful, fun and would make an awesome addition to your family.

Brutus the bobtail dsh

Make Your House A Home - Adopt a Shelter Dog or Cat!!

July's Featured "Adopt-A-Kennel" Sponsorship is by Richard and Linda Gaber in Memory of Jim Helm of Ord, Nebraska... Dog Trainer and Breeder of Llewellin English Setters. Fantastic Setters, "Sage" and "Flagg."  A very special thanks to all of our sponsors for their continuing support.

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