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If you have your own success story about a former McCook Humane Society dog or cat that you would like to share, please email the details along with a photo to or send by regular mail to us at 100 South Street, McCook, NE 69001.


This big boy came in to the McCook Humane Society, and was adopted so fast it made our hearts smile. "RUFUS" has definitely found his forever home. He is in love with his humans almost as much as they are with him. We're told that he loves his hugs, and mostly just being with every single one of his humans no matter what they may be doing. He is a part of a wonderful new family who adores him.

Rufus and dad

Rufus gets hugs

Rufus helps color


Meet "Mikey"... This handsome and extremely friendly young guy was recently adopted from the McCook Humane Society and he has truly hit the Kitty Jackpot! He's got it all. Humans to wait on him paw and foot, all the treats, toys and fun he can handle, and a lifetime of love.




A picture truly does say it all! "Cameow" was very recently adopted from the McCook Humane Society. When we asked the adopters if they'd be okay with continuing the spoilage that this sweet baby was used to, they quickly agreed. This picture was sent to us and we are just all smiles by what we see!

Cameow aka Lucy


"Vader" enjoys his walks more now that his own human is walking him and when they go back home, it's to his forever home. He was adopted from the McCook Humane Society and has really found his spot in his new family's heart, home and especially the couch!

Vader and his toy resized

Vader resized


Talk about finding the PURRfect home! "Woody" sure did just that when he was adopted from the McCook Humane Society. He sure made himself right at home and is loved as much he loves his new human family, besides being spoiled beyond belief!

Woody Sughroue


Our second favorite thing here at the McCook Humane Society (our first being to watch our furkids walk out the door with their new families), is receiving updates and pictures of them in their new forever homes. It sure didn't take "Rose" long to make herself quite at home and fit right in on the furniture and in the hearts of her new family.

Rose and her new home and buddy resized

Boo Boo

No mistake made here... according to Oliver, the first cat in the home! When his humans brought home the snuggly little "Boo Boo" aka Meeko, from the McCook Humane Society, everything was just fine! These two get along great and everybody loves the newly adopted little cutie. We love hearing these Happy Tails (or Purrs)!

 Oliver and BooBoo resized 1


Cooling Off... "Jazz" wants everyone to know how much she is enjoying her summer. Her human takes her everywhere and she sent us this picture to let us know how much fun she's been having since her adoption from the McCook Humane Society.

Jazz on a hot day


"Bailee" is now a big 'fur-sis' to her ten month old baby brother and they are the best of friends. She's also now got another fur-sis who she's very happy snuggling with in either of the two dog beds that their new humans have for them. Since Bailee's adoption from the McCook Humane Society, she's loved more and more every day, by her family and by anyone she meets and has been the perfect fit for the young family that opened their hearts and home to her.

Bailee and baby


Smiles everywhere and all of the time! "Elmer" was adopted from the McCook Humane Society and he wanted us to know that he can't stop smiling! His humans sent us pictures and say that "He is a very smiley dog who likes to sleep a lot, play with his favorite rope chew toy, go on car rides and really enjoys their walks around town"! Happy Tails all around!


Elmer2 resized


How does that saying go? First they steal your heart, and then your favorite chair? Well, "Indigo" sure made that one a fact as soon as she was adopted from the McCook Humane Society. Her new human doesn't mind though, she's got a lot of room in her heart and home for her rescues.

Indigo aka Mickey


"Ravi" is home. This adorable ten month old was recently adopted from the McCook Humane Society, and we really knew that we were looking for a certain kind of home for this initially shy guy. We knew what he needed, and were waiting for his family to show up. Well they did. He found the PERFECT home! His newly adoptive family has already started sending pictures and telling us how smart he is, how loved he is and how happy he is with all of his new kids! Another truly Happy Tail!

Ravi is home


"Maggie" aka "Colby" when she was recently adopted from the McCook Humane Society, truly has made herself comfortable absolutely anywhere she wants to in her new forever home! How can you say no to this face though? She's loving her new home as much as her new humans are loving this smart and quirky little girl.

Colby Anderjeska


"COLUMBUS" proudly announces his one year adoption anniversary from the McCook Humane Society and wants to celebrate his wonderful good fortune with anyone who'll listen and give him belly rubs! He's so loved and spoiled that this year flew past!

Columbus so loved

Columbus6 result

Columbus7 result


"Danny" was adopted last year from the McCook Humane Society. This fella is loved as much as he loves his humans, and definitely living the life of luxury!

Danny and Bailey Sensing


"Alfie" wants to say hi and tell everyone how good he's doing since his adoption from the McCook Humane Society. He's so happy! His favorite thing to is lay on his chair every morning and wait for the birds and squirrel to show up, then he races out to playfully chase them! He loves his new looks, his new furfamily, his walks, toys, treats and most of all his new human and all of the belly rubs and cuddles.

Alfie in his chair

Alfie looking for his birds


One of the most uplifting things for all of us here at the McCook Humane Society, is when we get to watch our furkids walk out the door with their new family. The next best thing is when the new family reaches out to us with photos. Photos like this one. "BANSHEE", a young cat who was with us for quite a while, came in with a litter of kittens and we all grew quite attached to her. She's loving her new life, home and family. And they absolutely love her too.

Banshee result


Our hearts are smiling here at the McCook Humane Society! After staying with us over six months, Thor, the last of a large group of dogs that came in together, has found the perfect home! We have been receiving updates:

"Your sponsor paid adoptions work! Thor began his first day with treats. What a good traveler. He couldn't get enough of the neighborhood on leash and is so receptive."

The updates keep coming, Thor is amazing and in the most loving and wonderful home. Thanks to the anonymous sponsor, the adopter and everyone who liked and shared his pictures... he now has his forever home!

Thor the GSD best

Thor the GSD


"Bear" has definitely settled in at her new home since her adoption from the McCook Humane Society. She can be found sitting or laying around ON one of her new best friends (when not playing with them), and has quickly become one of the family, loved by them all as much as she loves them.

Bear and one of his new kids


"Beetle" the kitty cat! Say that three times fast. Well here he is and living the life of content in his newly found purrfect home, since his adoption from the McCook Humane Society. This guy is truly content surveying his catdom and loving life as he now knows it.



"Thor" is one of the large litter of German Shepherd pups that were all adopted from the McCook Humane Society a few months ago. This guy is setting in rather nicely with his awesome new family and even his new fur-sis is getting used to the idea of having to share the attention! We absolutely love Happy Tails, and here are two! His fur-sis? She was also adopted from the shelter!

Thor and Polliana

Hazel and Hershey

I wanted to share some pics of 2 kitties, Hazel (formerly Andromeda) and Hershey (formerly Mutt) that we adopted from the McCook Humane Society last month. They are incredibly sweet, curious, and active. We love them!!

Hazel and Hershey


"CHARMING" got his fairy tale ending! He was adopted from the McCook Humane Society almost immediately! We heard from his new family: "Here is "Charming" but the kids have renamed him Thor! He's an amazing dog and we couldn't be more pleased! Thank you for letting us be his FURever home!"

Charming aka Thor


Another Happy Tail! Adopted recently from the McCook Humane Society, we were extremely pleased to receive this: "Nemo has been renamed to Gus and welcomed into our home with much much love! We feel blessed to get to call him ours. Welcome to your forever home Gus."

Gus from Joni


The McCook Humane Society loves sharing our "Happy Tails" with you all! Recently received from another past adopter, who adopted "Kitty" now "Kate". "It's been three years and I am proud to say that she is doing very well and is a happy happy girl! Spoiled rotten actually. Sending you some updated pictures for you all to see!"

Kitty aka Kate


"Barron" was recently adopted from the McCook Humane Society, and it's amazing the way this guy has just fit right into the awesome new forever home that he snuggled his way into. His new family loves him just as much as he loves them and it's so obvious that this was just meant to be. Talk about a "Happy Tail!"



Friday, September 4, 2020, will be a decade since I adopted “Cooper” from McCook Humane Society. He has brought such joy into my life over the past ten years. He helped me heal from my prior dog’s passing, and was renamed “Apollo” to emphasize the spirit of the Greek god of healing. He has been with me through ups and downs, always patient and full of snuggles. Thank you McCook Humane Society for matching us to our forever family.

- Apollo & his Adopted Mom


Penny Jo

We love receiving Happy Tails, especially from furkids that were adopted years ago! Like "Penny Jo", whose humans sent us this picture of her saying, "We got Penny Jo 14 years ago. She is spoiled rotten, she thinks she owns the house, bed and all the furniture. She has to be the center of attention, that's how it is and we wouldn't have it any other way!"



"Catalina" was very recently adopted from the McCook Humane Society and we've already gotten pictures of her settling in just wonderfully. Her adopted humans say "Thank you for her, we LOVE her, she is loving, gentle and cutely ornery!" Now THAT definitely describes this little girl to a tee! We're so happy she found her purrfect home!




Here at the McCook Humane Society, we LOVE Happy Tails (even if they don't exactly have a tail)! We received this from "Chewey's" adoptive mom and had to smile. "Hey!! Just had to share!! I have had Chewey for 2 years exactly today!! ❤️ She’s so spoiled, fat & sassy! She even gets to run around the house when I get home from work & ohh can’t forget about all the veggies & fruits she eats!"

Chewys 2 yr adoption pic


"Sugar" is sweet and so is this beautiful girl! Sugar was adopted from the McCook Humane Society back at the beginning of the year and we're loving the pictures and videos we're getting from her favorite new human, who continually tells us that she has just made herself right at home and is the most loving dog ever! We truly enjoy seeing these Happy Tails, especially the updates, and you can still see the pure love in the eyes of this sweet furchild!

Sugar now


Tiger and his new buddy"Tiger's" family checks in with us here at the McCook Humane Society. We LOVE this stuff! "We renamed Charming to Tiger and he is so happy in his new house.  He adores the kids and is warming up to the dog!!  So much to explore and such a loud purr we couldn't love him more! Love, Tiger's family."



"Pixie" was very recently adopted by a super awesome couple, and they dropped by to show us the extremely dramatic change in this lucky girl! They're so happy with this sweet dog, and she's obviously happy with her new humans. They're definitely spoiling her to no end and in their words, "She's training us right!" We truly do love meeting folks like this and seeing 'Happy Tails' like this; it's what it's all about!



"Cahlea" is one of the lucky kittens; she found a forever home right away. She was adopted from the McCook Humane Society and is now happily being treated the way she deserves to be treated. She gets all of the attention, love and playtime her adorable little heart desires from her new human "meow slave"... who is just as happy with the new family addition!



"Tootie" is a very happy girl. This young cat spent way too much time at the McCook Humane Society and even though she was well loved, we all knew she deserved a home. We were thrilled when she and another long time resident were adopted and taken home. As you can tell by the picture, she's made herself right at home, and the adopters are just as happy as they can be! We do get a small tear in our eye when they leave sometimes, we know we'll miss them, but we're so happy to see them go into such wonderful and loving homes.


Dixie and her new kids

A picture really does say it all... "Dixie" was recently adopted from the McCook Humane Society after a pretty long stay with us. We kept telling her that it was because she had to wait for her perfect family to come find her, and we were right. Well that perfect family did find her. She's pictured her with her new best friends, the younger ones anyway! She's living her dream now, a forever home with humans that love her, a big yard, and all the love and attention the happy gal would ever need!



Remember Dolly's eight Corgi mix pups? Well here's one of them a year later! "Button" took time out of his busy schedule and stopped by for a visit. His adopted human stopped by to bring us a donation of some pet bandanas (some really nice Halloween ones too folks) and we were tickled to see how he's doing. He was adopted from the McCook Humane Society as an eight week old pup right at a year ago and now works at a Quilt Shop! He's happy and totally obsessed with all things tennis - especially the tennis balls! He recently celebrated his one year adoption day by receiving a HUGE tennis ball from his adoptive family.


Willie Monster Robbie Arps 8 years ago Breeder Rescue

"Willie" or "Willie Monster" as his adopted family lovingly refers to this 8 year old sweetheart, was adopted from the McCook Humane Society when he was a very young puppy. He was such a tiny little thing and who knew he'd grow to be the big lovebug who's favorite thing seems to be lounging all over the FURniture! His family absolutely adores him and sends us photos and updates frequently. We sure love these "Happy Tails"!


Maggie 8yrs ago

"Maggie" was adopted from the McCook Humane Society 8 years ago and will you look at this picture of pure happiness? This is what we lovingly refer to as a "Happy Tail." We truly love receiving pictures of the adopted furkids, the updates, the cute stories, and the phone calls (yes, we even get phone calls with a "woof woof" here and a "woof woof" there)! Thank you Maggie for letting us know your humans are still spoiling you!



Samson update

Adopted from the McCook Humane Society, furkid "Samson" sure is loved, and we know this because his humans check in with us just like they did just recently with these photos and message. "Hello! It's been a while! Sam is great and is super happy here. He's sure got quite the personality!"


Sasha adoption day

Sasha Aufrecht 2 yrs

Sasha two

"Sasha" checks in with us two years after her adoption. She was adopted as a kitten from the McCook Humane Society and has grown into such a beautiful and special addition to the family. She's definitely spoiled, relies totally on her "Meow Slaves" to take care of her every need, which they do willingly, and she gets to spend her days stretched out in comfort.



Talk about a Happy Boy! "Kalon" was very recently adopted from the McCook Humane Society and this guy knows he's got it made in the shade! His adopted mom had already made him a blanket before she even got to the shelter to do the paperwork. After their first meeting, she couldn't get him out of her mind and by the time the family came back to adopt him, he had a pile of toys and full run of their hearts, the house, the yard and his favorite outside place, his own pool!



Montana is another Happy Tail, and we were truly happy to get the update and picture from his adoptive family! Some of the pictures and stories we receive truly make us go Awwwwwwwwwwwww", and some make us go "Yep, we knew this." All of them make our hearts smile and fill us with joy. Thank you all for sending the pictures and updates to us and thank you for opening your hearts and homes to these wonderful temporarily homeless furry friends. We love hearing when it's another case of "Who rescued who?" Our answer is always the same. It was a two way rescue!



"Brooks" stopped by the McCook Humane Society to say hi to us and tell us thank you once again for letting him adopt the human that he did. Brooks says he likes his new human daddy a lot and really appreciates the spoiling he gets. We get to see this pair from time to time and really do get a kick out of the new tricks he's learned since his adoption.



"Freyja" was recently adopted from the McCook Humane Society and by the look on her face we can sure tell she is one happy girl! We don't know who is happier, her, her newly adoptive family or us seeing her go home to such a wonderful family, but we sure love to see Happy Tails and pictures like the one of this beautiful girl.


Millie & Robert Smith

'Millie' is a long haired Dachshund adopted by Robert and Earnestine Smith in the fall of 2002.
Robert is confined to a wheelchair; Millie is his constant companion. She is well trained and stays in their yard while Robert is working on his wood crafts in his garage.

This is only one of the happy "Forever Homes" that one of our adopted pets has received.

A Letter from Shasbry (formerly Blondie)

June 2, 2008

To My Friends at McCook Humane Society:

I am so excited for you to see my pictures. I know my eyes look funny, but my Mom says it is because I have sunshine inside of me.
I have so much to tell you. I am gaining weight now and I was at 9 pounds and now I weight 12 pounds.


My Mom took me to get my haircut and as you can see in my pictures I am quite beautiful. My mom brushes me two times a day. My mom says that I am a Duchess. I am on my big fluffy bed and I sleep on pillows at night not just the bed. Real fluffy pillows. I also have gotten all my shots and I get to go to work with my mom and I help cheer up the patients. The other picture shows me at my mom's office. She is an RN and she runs this unit for people that are on ventilators and they say I cheer them up all the time. They love me and they love to rub my tummy. I love it also. I go on all the car rides with my mom and my kids.

I have also learned lots of tricks. I can sit pretty, shake, lie down, and dance. I get lots of treats and I am really proud of myself. I walk really well on my leash and I go for 2-3 walks a day.

My kids are home for the summer now and I am really excited. My brother, Hunter and I are getting along better. We were fighting a little, but now we play and I am a little spoiled and I seem to win when fighting over the rawhides. Mom makes sure there are two, but I like them both. Mom says I have some sharing problems and we will work on them. I play very nicely with my sister, Sasha who is the house cat. We run and play, but sometimes she hisses at me when she gets tired.

I just wanted to update you and let you know that I appreciate all you did for me and I am very happy in my new home. Take care and I just wanted you to see me all cleaned up with a haircut. (I had bows in my hair, but they fell out, well I pulled them out but I don't want mom to know.)




Just wanted to let you know how Diamond did the first night in her new home. She was super excited and ran everywhere. We had to keep her on a leash since she took off the first time my husband let her out of the pickup. I bought a halter instead of a collar and she never tried to put the leash in her mouth and pull.

I introduced her to our goat herd and she was very curious. About an hour after we had her home she was already settling down and she listens very well. I was even able to let her off the leash when we'd take her outside to pottie. By 8:30 she was tired and wanted to sleep on her new pillow. But I would not let her sleep until we went to bed at 10. She was exhausted and didn't wake once during the night. We were very impressed with her staying on the pillow.

She met my cat Tails and wanted to play with him. Tails wanted to play only if he was doing the chasing. She also met her Grandma last night. I'm sure she'll be very spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa Towns.

We are throwing names around right now. I like Tashley and Travis likes Trixie so we'll just have to see what we compromise on.

Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt such a sweet puppy.


Spot and TBD

I wanted to write and tell you how happy our family is with our two new little puppies. Tait is thrilled to death to have his new puppies home. They traveled well yesterday and had a good night’s sleep. Tait was awake at 6:30 this morning to take his “little girl and big boy” out for a walk and get them their breakfast.

I just wanted to tell you what a pleasant experience we had at your shelter yesterday! You and your staff were very kind and made adopting the puppies very easy and fun!

I will send some pictures soon and give you and update on their new names. The boy is definitely Spot but little girl still has no name. Thanks again for all your help!!!



Just wanted you to know that Smoozie is doing well at our house and with our chichuahua Chalupa. Shes settled in quite well and has taken to a cat bed that we had for her, she lets us know where she is and "talks" to us and we enjoy her 'voice' :) Thank you for saving her and letting us be the proud parents of her!

Thank you again for all your hard work and care of rescue animals!

Kelley and Rick
Chalupa and Smoozie :)



We adopted Annie, a spaniel shepherd cross. She is doing great, we have had no problems with her at all.

She has slept all night each night and walks with us on the leash every day. She is a loving dog who craves attention. We just wanted to let you know how she is doing and to thank you for saving her.

Just thought we’d show you how much Annie is growing!!

We love her so much, she’s doing amazing, and loves to play.

Thanks again,
Gary and Cindy


Suzie and Cookie

Suzie is fitting in very well in our home. We have grown to love her a lot and are very attached to her.

It took a few days for Cookie to accept Suzie as a member of our family but she is getting better every day. She had her first visit with the vet and he said she is a very healthy dog.

We can't thank you enough for allowing us to give Suzie a loving home.

She will be a great member of our family for many years.

Tom and family



Hi, guys! It's me, Dutch. (Remember me? I was with you back in September. I was a stray in McCook.) I just wanted to THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for taking such good care of me until my new family, the McLemores, could come and pick me up! YOU ALL ARE AWESOME!Dutch, July 2010

Well, I'm living a half mile outside of Colby, Kansas, now. I have a big yard (1.5 acres) and my own swimming pool (see me in the pic). I also have a great neighbor dog, Abbey. She's some kind of cute little Australian shepherd or something. We love to RUN REALLY FAST so I get lots of exercise. She also is my very favorite chew toy (but I never hurt her!)


The McLemores have 3 big boys--but only Brandon is living at home right now. Blake's at K-State but he comes home often to see me. I haven't met Ryan and his wife, Samantha yet 'cuz they live in Minnesota. Dutch, July 2010I love to chase Brandon around the house. We have a big kitchen with an island in the middle, and also a circle around the living room and kitchen area. I bark and get pretty excited when we play! But I've also been on my best behavior and I settle right back down and am still my loving, sweet self. My owner's say I should be my own breed, 'cuz everyone would want a dog with my personality and cute, little "floppy" manerisms! I can tell that they all really love me 'cuz they're always hugging me.

Another thing I love to do is go on walks in the country with my owner, Suzie. Actually, they're hikes. She takes me off the leash and I run in the fields and hills. They keep saying stuff about going hunting, or something like that. . .I'm anxious to see what it's all about.

I had a bacteria in my stomach and intestines, (the vet thought it could be from what I ate when I was a stray) but I've been taking medicine and I'm feeling quite a bit better now.

At night I sleep in the house on my own doggie bed, but during the day they put me on a light chain while they're all gone. They lay my bed on the front porch so I guess it's not too bad; but I'm sure happy when they get home!


My favorite toys are my doggie tennis balls, and my squeaky duck. I also have a squeaky football and lots of big rawhide chews. For halloween, I'm going as a dalmation, 'cuz my owner, Bob, is the Colby fire chief.

Well, guess I'd better go for now. It's getting late and I need my rest. Thanks again for everything and give all my friends up there a big, wet "lick" for me!

Love to all, Dutch

Make Your House A Home - Adopt a Shelter Dog or Cat!!

This month's (SEPTEMBER) Adopt-A-Kennel is for Lily's family, "Sept. 4th was thirty Mondays without Lily." This month is sponsored by a dear friend of the family, for them.

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